Focus on what matters with the DxA 5000 Fit

Automation for All.

The DxA 5000 Fit drives speed and accuracy, all while maintaining a small footprint. It eliminates up to 80% of the manual steps associated with processing a patient sample, allowing you to keep your focus on what matters most: patient care. 

Clinical Laboratory Diagnostic Products Portfolio

Our clinical diagnostic products and services are used in hospitals, reference laboratories and physician office settings around the world to deliver clinical and operational insights. Regardless of the size of your laboratory, our diagnostic products and solutions can help you deliver greater insights and accelerate care.

Pre- and Post-analytical Automation Solutions

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DxA 5000 Fit Workflow Automation System

An automation solution that fundamentally improves lab workflow by making intelligent automation accessible to fit your small- and mid-sized lab needs. While large-volume laboratories have long had intelligent automation systems, small- to mid-sized labs have not. That is why we developed the DxA 5000 Fit, an automation solution capable of fitting in virtually any laboratory, and your labs no longer need to sacrifice the benefits that large-volume labs enjoy. Learn more about our DxA 5000 Fit Workflow Automation System.

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DxA 5000 Total Lab Automation System

The DxA 5000 total laboratory automation system and its patented innovations help you deliver quality results and improve high-volume laboratories. Experience rapid and consistent turnaround time, comprehensive pre-analytical sample quality detection, and fewer manual processing steps. The DxA 5000 total laboratory automation system allows you to evolve your hospital laboratory beyond modular automation and into the future. Learn more about our DxA 5000 Total Lab Automation System.