A new way of increasing your lab efficiency

There is a quiet transformation happening in today’s hematology labs. These labs are leveraging AI digital technology and utilizing highly efficient, concentrated reagents to address staffing challenges and enhance overall lab performance. These new technologies not only help improve lab productivity but reduce the work burden of the team by automating workflows, optimizing resources, and creating a digital environment for real-time, cross-lab collaboration.

In this webinar, Vista Clinical Diagnostics laboratory director of operations Robin Johnson and Beckman Coulter’s medical director Ahmed Bentahar will discuss:

  • Improving efficiencies for time and quality, leveraging digital hematology and an AI-based decision support system
  • Optimizing lab resources, inventory space and waste management through eco-friendly concentrated reagents
  • Improving cross-team collaboration in digital morphology review and turn-around times across medical laboratory scientists and pathology
  • Embracing the future of digital hematology solutions for consistent, reliable results — without reverting to the microscope

Ready To See For Yourself?

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